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Wake up, Detective...

You awake suddenly in your run-down apartment, with a small list of emergencies that need to be dealt with in approximately no time whatsoever. Working against you: time, resources, energy, skills, public opinion, and your own self-destructive nature.

Working in your favor: two dozen voices in your head, each attempting to shout over the others in order to make themselves heard. They more-or-less have your best interests at heart, but they might not agree with you about what constitutes a “best interest.”

This is a storytelling game for one person who contains multitudes.

This is the life you have now.

This is you.

This is Attic Fantoms.


Attic Fantoms is a solo role-playing game, extremely inspired by Disco Elysium. So extremely inspired, in fact, that it is made to be played with the Physiologus of Attic Fantoms cards sold by ZA/UM (although you can make do with, say, Tarot cards, if you absolutely must). You could treat this as an event occurring the week after Disco Elysium wrapped up; the continued adventures of that troubled detective from Precinct 41. Or, be a new detective altogether. 

Confront your troubles. Listen to the Fantoms in your head. Try to finish your to-do list. Make things worse in the attempt. Good luck!

Physical Version:

Printed copies of this game are available from Indie Press Revolution, and come with a PDF as well.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorGlaive Guisarme Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdisco-elysium, solo


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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