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Hey so this is kinda weird but I don't know what else to do with it. I found this pamphlet by the register at a gas station; the guy who worked there didn't know what it was or how it got there. As far as they could tell, someone (Benedict Groves maybe?) just sort of left it there while nobody was looking.

Anyway. He let me have it for two fifty. It didn't have a UPC or suggested price or anything, but it came with a pair of dice in a little baggie so... I dunno. I guess that's fair. Kinda seems like he could've just given it to me but whatever, it was a weird situation.

Like the title says, it's a pamphlet about how to find ghosts, with special dice that I guess act like an EMF reader or something? They just seem like dice to me. You might be able to do this with just dice? I feel like this Benedict Groves guy would disagree, but like... I dunno. Maybe there is something to it because I did give the "ghost encountering method" a try and like, I'm not saying I talked to a ghost or anything but also like I'm not saying I didn't, you know? It was weird, and that's not even the fucking creepy part! 

Who the hell is Benedict Groves, though? That's what's getting me, because I can't find shit on this guy and he says he has like a podcast and I can't find it and I just wanna email him and be like "yo is this for real, are you for real?" and I can't! 

Anyway, that's why I'm uploading this thing, really. Like, maybe if it spreads around a bit, it'll find someone who knows about this guy? Or maybe Benedict Groves himself will find it and reach out to me! I need to fucking know what his deal is! So yeah, I copied the pamphlet. Frankly it was a pretty low-quality photocopy in the first place, but it's still legible, so yeah. Spread that everywhere, really.

Someone had already filled out the damn thing when I bought it, so I decided to do some like digital cleanup as best I could. That's a version that you can like print out on a single sheet of paper and use yourself. I even squeezed it into A4 for folks that use that. (If Groves is British why was his ghost kit printed on 8.5 by 11? Jesus none of this adds up!) 

That version I'm selling it for a buck, and I'm holding on to that money, just in case Benedict Groves is pissed at me when (if!) I find him. I can be like "I get that I sold your shit but like, here take this the profit that comes from putting your shit on the fucking internet you weird old hermit."

I don't know, this has turned into a rant, sorry, I'm just tired and out of ideas. If you know anything about Benedict Groves, please for the love of Christ, leave a comment, let me know. I'm desperate, y'all.

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So, I feel like this Benedict Groves guy wants everyone to be able to ghost hunt, so like, here's some free copies of the cleaned up version. It's cool, you can take them if you need to, all I ask is that you tell me anything you know about Benedict Groves in return! 

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