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toki! o kama pona tawa lipu pi musi O Tawa. sina pona tan kama!

musi O Tawa li seme?

ni li musi supa pi powe musi. (nimi "powe" li sama lili "lon ala" li nimi Fiction lon toki Inli.) sona mi la, ni li musi nanpa wan lon toki pona taso. mi jan Lala. mi pali e lipu musi lili ni tan ni: mi olin e toki pona li wile pana e musi tawa jan toki pona ale. 

musi ni, sina kulupu pi jan tawa. sina ale li tawa lon tomo tawa telo, li toki e jan nasa, li utala e monsuta, li pana e pona tawa ma lili mute lon telo suli a.  pona sina la, sina jo e wawa nasa. o toki e nimi wawa la, o ante e ale. 

ni li musi pona, li musi lete, li musi lili. sina en jan pona sina li lukin e ma nasa ante li pali e powe musi sina. sina wile jo taso e kiwen nanpa pi sinpin luka wan, e lipu e sitelen, e jan pona, e nasin musi ni. a! kin la, sina wile jo e sona pi toki pona, anu e wile sona pi toki pona. 

lipu lili ni

mi pana e musi ni lon tenpo Simo (lon toki Inli: Zine Month). tenpo Simo la, jan musi lon ma ale li pana e lipu lili pi musi supa pi powe musi. tan seme? tan ni: musi li pona. lipu lili ni li jo e lipu mute. ona li jo e nasin ale pi wile sina. jan li sona e toki pona la, mi pali ante e lipu lili lon toki Inli! ni li pona tawa jan sin pi toki pona. 

sina wile esun e musi ni la, sina ken jo e lipu lili anu lipu kon taso.  sina ken lukin e lipu kon lon ilo sona. kin la, sina ken pali e lipu lili kepeken ilo sitelen. sina esun e lipu kon taso la, mi pana e musi lon toki pona, e musi lon toki Inli.

sina esun e lipu lili la, sina jo e lipu lon. sina ken jo e ni lon luka sina. mi pali e ni kepeken ilo sitelen mi li sitelen e nimi mi lon sinpin li pana e lipu tawa sina kepeken kulupu tawa pi ma Mewika (lon toki Inli: US Postal Service). sina esun e lipu lili la, sina ken jo e lipu lon toki pona, e lipu lon toki Inlu, anu lipu tu! kin la, mi pana e lipu kon taso tawa sina.

English Translation

Hello, and welcome to the page for O Tawa! Thanks for coming!

What is O Tawa?

This is a tabletop role-playing game, and is, to the best of my knowledge, the first even TTRPG created entirely in the language Toki Pona. I'm Lara Paige Turner, and I making this zine because I love Toki Pona and I wanted to share that love by making a game for Toki Pona speakers. 

In this game, you play a group of adventurers. Together, you sail to new places, meet strange new people, defeat dangerous creatures, and help out the many small islands of the great ocean. Fortunately, you have magical powers to help you. When you speak Words of Power, you change the world around you.

O Tawa is meant to be an low-stakes, relaxing sort of game. You'll explore new places and make a story together. All you need are 6-sided dice, some pencils and paper, friends, and these rules. Oh! And you'll need to know how to speak Toki Pona, or be willing to learn.

About this Zine

This game is being released for Zine Month.  During Zine Month, designers all around the world are releasing short-form RPG zines. Why? Because zines are cool! This particular one is a 20-page zine which contains all the rules you need. There’s also an English translation, which is useful if you’re still learning Toki Pona!

When you get the game, you can order the physical zine or the digital version. The digital version can be used off the computer, or turned into a physical zine if you’ve got a printer. When you get this, you get both the Toki Pona and English versions!

If you get the physical zine you’ll get an actual physical zine which you can hold in your hand. If you order one of these, I will print it out and assemble it, sign the front of it, and send it right to you via USPS. You can get the Toki Pona version, the English version, or both! If you order the physical zine, you get the digital versions as well.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Release date Feb 01, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorGlaive Guisarme Games
TagsItch Funding, toki-pona, Tabletop role-playing game


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lipu kon / Digital Version 17 MB
lipu kon lon toki Inli / English digital version 16 MB
lipu pi ilo sitelen pi ma Mewika / Printable version (letter) 8 MB
lipu pi ilo sitelen pi ma ante / Printable version (A4) 8 MB
lipu pi ilo sitelen pi ma Mewika lon toki Inli / English printable version (lett 7 MB
lipu pi ilo sitelen pi ma ante lon toki Inli / English printable version (A4) 8 MB
lipu pi jan powe / Character Sheets 484 kB

lipu lili lon / Physical Zines

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lipu lili lon toki pona!

sina wile jo e lipu lili la, sina ken esun e ni! sina kama jo e lipu kon taso lon tenpo ni. mi pana e lipu tawa sina lon tenpo lili. lipu ni li lon toki pona taso!

English-language zine!

Want a physical zine? Here's where to get one! You'll get the digital versions immediately, and the physical zine shipped to you. This zine is only in English!

lipu tu! / Two Zines!

sina kama jo e lipu tu la, sina wile jo e mani lili! ni li pona tan ni: sina li jo e lipu pi toki pona e lipu pi toki Inli! 

If you want two zines, you get a discount! This is ideal if you want to get one in Toki Pona and one in English! 

lipu pi kulupu pona / Community Copies

ken la, sina jo ala e mani. mi sona e tenpo ni. tan ni, mi pana e lipu pi kulupu pona. sina wile la, sina ken kama jo e lipu kon kepeken mani ala. 

Maybe you are short on money, I get it. For that, I've made Community Copies available. If you need to, you can get the digital version without spending anything.

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Edit: I figured out how to get the full color versions in the correct order. Wanted to thank you for this creation! I'm very excited to play sometime soon!

Older post: Any way to get a printable PDF zine version in color? I'd like to print it in full color if possible. Thanks! I just tried printing the full color version but the numbers didn't match up!

Does this game require a GM? How many players would work for it?


It is GMed, and generally aimed at 2-4 players.

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aaa, mi wile e lipu ni, taso, mi jo ala e mani pi mute pona aaaaa

mi wile e musi ni. tenpo ni!

a a a! sina ken jo e ni lon tenpo kama lili! 

tenpo wan la musi supa lon toki pona. pona a!