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You climb aboard the shuttle which is intended to convey you off this dingy planet. Embedded in the metal walls of the shuttle are bones, sun-bleached and carved with innumerable runes of protection. The only seats in the shuttle seem comfortable enough, although they have the familiar texture of human-flesh leather, tattooed over and over in a crabbed, spiky hand. What little is legible is clearly reproductions of necromantic theorems, the very ones which hold your ever-crumbling but never-dying empire together. There is no seat at the control console, merely a severed head, mummified by time, on a pike. Its milky-white eye briefly alights upon you, and the door you entered in slides closed with a distressingly organic sound. 

It fucking sucks. Just an abysmal experience, and the chairs make your ass hurt after like ten minutes. But if you’re going to be a necromancer there’s a whole, like, aesthetic to deal with. 

Hope you like skulls, fucker.

Welcome to the Empire Undying

There are two sorts of people that matter in the decrepit star empire: the necromancers who create the undead abominations upon whose skeletal backs civilization rests, and the knights whose sword duty is to defend the necromancers from undead abominations which aren't behaving right now. 

In this game, you will play a group of necromancers and knights, stuck in some corner of the vast empire, attempting to solve a mystery that is, in turn, attempting to kill you all. The bad kind of "kill," the sort you don't bounce back from. Explore ancient sites and forgotten ruins, unravel conspiracies which have endured for millennia, and make out with one another, because you are hot and hurt and surrounded by bones so you have to get that tension out somehow. 

The Empire Undying is inspired by The Locked Tomb Trilogy, by Tamsyn Muir, and uses some elements from Lasers & Feelings, by John Harper.

Printed Version:

If you prefer to feel your games between your finger bones, you can get a physical copy at Indie Press Revolution; printed on human flesh while supplies last (or, I guess, paper).

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorGlaive Guisarme Games


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Highly anticipating this game!