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You've received a mysterious invitation to the Old Mansion for a dinner party. You sure hope nobody gets mysteriously murdered! 

... but of course, somebody does. Because this is that sort of game; not only are people going to get murdered, but there's a very real chance that in all the chaos, you're the one who actually did it. Run around the mansion, yell at the other guests (who are probably murderers!), and watch the bodies stack up like firewood as visitors come to the mansion and get summarily killed.

Useful Evidence is a chaotic story game for 3-6 players, which requires no set-up or advanced preparation but does require some ludicrously specific components: it uses the board game Clue as the tools for a story game inspired by the movie Clue.


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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hi, I’m interested but I need to see a preview before committing to anything.