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Not broken. Not a mistake. Just incomplete. 

You Are an Unfinished Thing is a journaling micro-RPG. You are created person (robot, reanimate, elemental, or something stranger still) whose creator left before you awoke, leaving you incomplete. You must finish the job. 

This game is meant to be played in stretches of a few minutes over the course of your day, while you are out doing things. Each prompt will ask you to go to a new location, then look around for something that you can add to your character's ever-changing body, then send you to a new location. It's a short game, but please be aware that it does deal with themes of marginalization, abandonment, assault, and potentially even body horror. 

More than anything else, it's a game about being trans. It was created for the Trans Fucking Rage Jam, because I had a lot of trans fucking rage. 

When you get this game, you will get three PDFs; one is a long document that you could read fairly easily on your phone, the other (preferred) versions are single page to print out and fold into an eight-page zine using either letter-sized or A4 paper, depending on what your printer uses. 

(If you're not familiar, you can search for "eight page zine" to get plenty of examples of folding instructions. I like this one.)

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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community copies please :( i'm sorry to ask but i'm just so interested, and you're very kind for doing so


Community copies added!