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... I've never watched an episode of Power Rangers in my life. And yet, I'm pretty sure that this is accurate. 

Zoom Scouts is an extremely silly story game. You are the Zoom Scouts, radical teens and tweens who have been granted martial arts prowess and animal-shaped robot vehicles that you use to battle the evils that keep targeting your hometown of Sunny Beach. But most of that stuff is kind of boring; this game only really cares about the last part of the episode, when you form into the Mega Mech to fight the giant rubbery monster attacking the city!

Work together! Control a robot! Fight a monster! This is 100% goof-em-up role playing, made with video chat services in mind (although you could do it live together if you want). Earn tokens  by allowing the monster to beat up the Mega Mech; spend tokens to beat up the giant monster, and unleash your ultimate attack when the episode is almost over to save the day. Until next week. 

Have you ever wanted to uppercut a kaiju all the way to the moon? Do you have detachable robot fists you don't intend to use until the final blow? Have you a yearning to find out what's going on at Sinister Sarah's dastardly space base? Then Zoom Scouts is here for you. 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
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AuthorGlaive Guisarme Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsgiant-robot, lyric-game, story-game, zoom-scouts


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Zoom Scouts is a game about the last five minutes or so of an episode of Power Rangers, where everyone has assembled into the megazord and is now going toe-to-toe with a huge rose or pig or fire hydrant or whatever.

It's 8 pages, with some really cute, dynamic mecha art and a perfectly readable layout. The writing is upbeat and clever, and the tone is light and engaging.

Mechanically, Zoom Scouts is pretty close to Belonging Outside Belonging, in that you can take actions that tilt the fight towards disaster in order to gain coins that let you take actions to tilt the fight in your favor.

Like Belonging Outside Belonging, you can't really lose. Eventually, you all accumulate and spend enough coins to use your super attacks, and then you win. There's no condition where the monster of the week can beat you.

That said, this lack of mechanical tension doesn't take away from the fun of the game. The point is to do scenery-chewing, hyperbolic nonsense, and as long as your group's on board, you're going to have a good time.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone who's nostalgic about old tokusentai shows, and to anyone who's looking for a short game without mechanical challenge. As a goofy one-shot or a stream game, I think it'd really shine.