Glaive Guisarme Games

A playbook for Paranormal Inc. by Alicia Furness
A story game about wizard crime and bad authors
An RPG about idealism, exploration, and space
A solo micro-RPG about becoming whole

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Please, sample my wares.

Spooky Games

In this house we celebrate Halloween every month.

Mended by Mages Games

Cozy games about healing, made with Ash Cheshire

Campy Fun Games

These are the ones which make me laugh.

Pulpy Settings

Ships, spies, old west, ancient ruins, and all that fun.


Toeing the line of fair use.

Trans Games

Most of my games are queer, but these are explicit about it.


Small games, ready to print and play right now!

Strange Tools

Games that require unusual components.

GMed Games

Ones that use a (somewhat) traditional adventure-game structure.


Games where you're doing what the characters are doing.

Solo Games

Journaling games, or those that can fit a single player.

Settings, Supplements, and Hacks for Other Folks' Games

Because other folks' games are often great.